AprintaPro PrintaKit - All-in-one Tool Set

Thursday, 11. January 2018

AprintaPro PrintaKit - All-in-one Tool Set

After the bestseller PrintaFix Basic, the young start-up team of AprintaPro brings another indispensable product to the market. The PrintaKit contains all necessary tools for 3D printing.

The PrintaKit by Aprintapro is a 37-piece toolkit made especially for 3D printers. This set includes all the necessary tools for preparation and post-processing.


Leveling card: For adjusting the distance between the printer plate and the print nozzle

PrintaFix Basic: Bonding agent for unheated and heated building boards

Detach and Rework 3D prints

Glass scraper incl. 3 spare blades: This allows the components to be easily removed from the building board. Take care when using, as the glass scraper has very sharp blades. Ideally, you can also have help with a spatula.

Flexible spatula: If the component can not be removed with the glass scraper, you can use the flexible spatula.

Nose Pliers: The needle nose pliers are ideal for removing the support structures from the 3D model.

Side cutter: The side cutter is a multifunctional tool with which you can remove support structures or other parts.


Precision Knife: The Precision Knife is ideal for post-processing your 3D models. This will allow you to rework the models with very precise accuracy and to correct errors that occur during printing.

Tweezers: You can use the tweezers to remove threads from the component, for example.

Care and Maintenance

Needles: The needles are ideal for cleaning nozzles. Heat the hot-end, unload the filament, and insert the needle into the nozzle.

Hex key: With the Allen key you can unscrew almost all screws of common 3D printers. With the L-nozzle key, all nozzles in standard size can be easily removed.

The content of the tool set:

  • PrintaFix Basic 100ml (bonding agent for unheated and heated building boards)
  • Nose pliers
  • Electric side cutter
  • Precision knife incl. 5 spare blades
  • Sharpened flexible spatula
  • Hexagon socket wrench set with ball head (1,5 / 2 / 2,5 / 3/4/5/6/8/10 mm)
  • Glass scraper incl. 3 spare blades
  • Tweezers with straight tip
  • 7 mm hex key (For nozzle change / fits all standard sized nozzles)
  • 5x nozzle needle (0,30 mm)
  • Safety goggles
  • A pair of gloves
  • 5x level card (for calibrating the distance between nozzle and building board)