PhotoCentric3D Daylight Pro Firm

Large Container of Resin for PhotoCentric 3D printer

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • Loadable
  • Slightly Fexible
  • For Liquid Crystal Pro

Product information & technical details

Product types: Resin
Light source: Daylight
Filament colour: Beige, Grey / silver
Compatible with 3D Printers : PhotoCentric3D Liquid Crystal Pro
Net weight: 5000 g


The Daylight Firm Resin is ideal for the production of objects for high loads and low shrinkage. The objects are slightly flexible and stretchable under pressure.

The material has high tensile shear properties and limited elongation.

More information

The material is only compatible with PhotoCentric3D Liquid Crystal Pro 3D Printer.

The first industrial 3D printer was first manufactured in the 80s when the first CAD programmes first appeared on the market.