High Speed Printing: Your Options High Speed Printing: Your Options

In recent years, high speed has been all the rage in 3D printing and we've seen a few options for the community. From Klipper on the Raspberry Pi, to mainboards with insertable secondary boards, to pads and the new Marlin update.

5 cheap 3D printers for beginners 5 cheap 3D printers for beginners

Are you looking for a cheap 3D printer for beginners? We'll show you 5 beginner-friendly and inexpensive FDM printers under 500 euros, which we can warmly recommend for your entry into 3D printing.

How to use Vase mode in Cura How to use Vase mode in Cura

In our new video you will learn how to activate the vase mode in Cura and what you should pay attention to when using it.

3D Printer Nozzle Guide 3D Printer Nozzle Guide

In this comprehensive guide, we would like to explain to you what a 3D printer nozzle is, how different nozzle types differ and how to choose the right nozzle for your requirements.

How to Avoid Stringing How to Avoid Stringing

In our new YouTube video “How to avoid stringing” we show you how to avoid stringing and how you can significantly improve your print quality with the right settings.

First layer problems? First layer problems?

Do you have problems with adhesion or the first layer of your print? In our video, you can find detailed instructions for perfect levelling!