Polymaker PC-Plus Transparent Natural

Polycarbonate for the desktop 3D printer in transparent natural colour

  • Shiny surfaces
  • Highest mechanical strength
  • Temperature resistance
  • Consistent quality
  • $56.66 ($7.55 / 100 g)

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Item no.: PM-70408, Content: 750 g

EAN: 6938936704102

  • Shiny surfaces
  • Highest mechanical strength
  • Temperature resistance
  • Consistent quality
1.75mm: $56.66 ($7.55 / 100 g)
2.85mm: $56.66 ($7.55 / 100 g)
1.75 mm / 3000 g: $213.33 ($7.11 / 100 g)
2.85 mm / 3000 g: $213.33 ($7.11 / 100 g)

Product information & technical details

Manufacturers: Polymaker
Content: 750 g
Diameter: 1,75 mm, 2,85 mm
Product Line: PC-Plus
Product types: PC Filament
Property: Heat-resistant
Filament colour: Transparent, Natural
Net weight: 750 g
Recommended printing speed: 30 - 90 mm/s
Recommended processing temperature: 250 - 270 °C
Recommended heating temperature: 80 °C


Polymaker PC-Plus ™ is a polycarbonate-based filament specially developed for use in FDM / FFF 3D printing.
The material offers many advantages. Excellent print quality, high mechanical strength and heat resistance at moderate printing temperatures.

When printing with PC-Plus, we recommend using BuildTak continuous printing film for best results.

Over 60 years ago polycarbonate (PC) became one of the most popular engineering plastics. With Polymaker PC-Plus ™, the material has also entered the 3D printing industry.

The filament shows a good clarity. The parts have a nice crystalline shine.

Polymaker PC-Plus ™ offers better heat resistance than almost any other 3D printed material currently on the market. It can withstand temperatures well above 110 ° C.

PC was basically only for expensive or "industrial" FDM machines though. That changed with the Polymaker PC. The Polymaker PC-Plus ™ is specially designed for desktop 3D printers. Polymaker supplies a material with excellent properties and good printability.

Polymaker PC-Plus ™ can be easily reworked. The print can be sanded to get a nice smooth surface. For more transparency and a glassy surface, you can also paint the component easily.

Polymaker PC-Plus ™ filament components have significantly improved mechanical strength, unlike ABS and PLA.

With Polymaker's quality controls and rigorous testing, you get reliable filaments with consistent quality.

More information

Glass transition temperature: 112 ° C
Density: 1.19 - 1.20 g / cm3

Polymaker recommends using all products with BuildTak durable printing film for best results.


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