AprintaPro  PrintaMent SEMI FLEX clear

Easy-to-print & flexible filament in transparent

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • Made in the EU
  • Premium quality
  • High transparency
  • Minimum distortion

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Product information & technical details

Diameter: 2,85 mm
Product types: Flexible Filaments
Filament colour: Transparent
Net weight: 500 g


PrintaMent SEMIFLEX is a strong, clear and very flexible 3D printing material.

For PrintaMent SEMIFLEX, only the best raw materials and added components were selected to obtain very high transparency, stability and low distortion properties.

Due to its low distortion, the PrintaMent SEMIFLEX is very easy to work with.

AprintaPro's PrintaMent is rolled on a transparent coil which simplifies the assessment of the residual material.
The packaging also serves as a filament storage to easily assess how much filament is left on the coil.

PrintaMent SEMIFLEX adheres well to a heated printing bed using PrintaFix.

The first industrial 3D printer was first manufactured in the 80s when the first CAD programmes first appeared on the market.