Printing Tips for the colorFabb CorkFill

Tuesday, 06. November 2018

Printing Tips for the colorFabb CorkFill

In order to achieve the best results with your 3D printer, we have summarized some tips for you.

Here are some useful settings for the MakerBot Replicator 2, the original Ultimaker and Ultimaker 2.

3D Printer Speed (mm / s) Temperature (°C) Temperature-panel (°C) Retracing distance (mm) Retracting speed (mm / s) Flow rate (%)

MakerBot Replicator 2

70 210-215 n / A (default) (default)


Ultimaker original 45 215-225 n / A 4.5 45


Ultimaker 2 70 210-215 55 4.5 45


With a layer thickness of 0.2 mm, the best balance between print time and surface quality was achieved.

Retracting Settings:

CorkFill requires a slightly higher retracting speed and distance on some machines.
To achieve the best results, we have optimized the settings with the hollow pyramid.
The model is free and can be found here: pyramid

The product can be found here!