PhotoCentric3D Daylight Precision Firm

Photocentric Precision Firm Resin for the Liquid Crystal Precision 3D Printer

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • Minimal Shrinkage
  • High Strength
  • For Liquid Crystal Precision

Product information & technical details

Product types: Resin
Light source: Daylight
Filament colour: Red, Black
Compatible with 3D Printers : PhotoCentric3D Liquid Crystal Precision
Net weight: 1000 g


The Daylight Precision Firm Resin is ideal for producing hard objects with low shrinkage. The objects bend slightly at high load.

The models have high tensile shear properties with limited elongation.

More information

The material is only compatible with PhotoCentric3D Liquid Crystal Precision 3D Printer.

Did you know?

The concept of the 3D printer came about from an American inventor and engineer, Chuck Hill, during the s80s. He also founded the company called 3D Systems.