Repkord 3D printer accessories

Useful gadgets for storage and processing

Repkord or "R3pkord" is a 3D printing utility company based in Auburn, California.
In addition to their practical RepBoxes for storing spools and filaments in all colours, the company offers a variety of useful accessories for different 3D printers.

Repkord: 5 products


  • Repkord RepBox 2.2

    Repkord RepBox 2.2

    4 Model types
    • Holds 6 spools of one kilogram each
    • For filament organisation
    • Fast and uncomplicated assembly
  • Repkord Sealing Kit

    Repkord Sealing Kit

    2 Model types
    • Upgrade set
    • For Repbox 2.2.
    • Simple application
  • Repkord Wall Mount Kit
    • For Repbox 2 and RepWinder
    • Easy assembly
    • For better space efficiency
  • Repkord Humidity Hunter Kit
    • For material storage
    • Ideal for hygroscopic filaments
    • With humidity display
    • For RepBox and Prusa MMU2
    • For winding filament spools
    • Easy handling

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