Vallejo Game Color Imperial Blue

Perfect for fantasy and tabletop models

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • Lightfast, non-ageing, highly pigmented
  • Dropper for accurate dosing
  • Acrylic base (can be diluted with water)

Product information & technical details

Product types: 3D Printer Accessories
Filament colour: Blue


High-quality, water-dilutable acrylic paint of the Vallejo Game Color series in a dropper vial for painting models and miniatures made of plastic or metal. The formula was developed in collaboration with model painters who specialise in fantasy figures and is especially suitable for brush use.

The Game Color series is a perfect assortment for fantasy and tabletop! These colours are specially designed for players and collectors of miniature games (tabletop) with the consideration that the painted figures are subject to frequent handling and must have exceptional resilience. The compact range contains the exact paint required for this purpose.

Be it orcs, elves or marines, with Vallejo Game Color series every miniature receives a first-class paint job.

The series is characterised by excellent quality:

  • Lightfast, age-resistant, highly pigmented
  • 17 ml per vial
  • Drop counter for accurate dosing
  • Acrylic base (can be diluted with water)
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