XYZprinting UV Curing Chamber

UV Curing chamber for SLA 3D printer

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Product information & technical details

  • Manufacturers: XYZprinting
  • Product types: 3D Printer Accessories

Elegant design with a large curing area

The simplified and elegant look of the XYZprinting UV Curing Camber is suitable for use in laboratories, private rooms or offices. Despite its compact design, the maximum curing size is still 180 x 200mm.

360 ° Curing

XYZprinting's UV curing chamber has a turntable and a reflective interior mirror. The UV device emits focused and consistent UV light rays. As a result, the photopolymer resins cure in a short time. The postcure process increases the hardness and durability of the 3D models.

UV LED light

Compared to mercury lamps and other UV curing products, this UV chamber uses UV LED diodes. The light source does not generate ozone, making it much more environmentally friendly and energy efficient. The lamp life is 10,000 hours.

Versatile compatibility

The XYZprinting UV chamber is CE certified worldwide. UV-LED wavelengths range from 375-405nm. It is not only compatible with XYZprinting Resin. Normal, flexible and castable resin are also curable. The UV chamber is compatible with most SL 3D printers on the market.

XYZprinting curing profile

All XYZprinting resins are compatible with the XYZprinting UV chamber. The following profiles are recommended:

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