How to use the fuzzy skin feature in Cura

How to use the fuzzy skin feature in Cura

Incl. step-by-step video tutorial

In our new Youtube tutorial we show you how to enable and use the fuzzy skin feature in Cura to give your 3D prints a rough surface texture. The fuzzy skin settings are a great way to give your models a haptic look and a welcome change from the mostly smooth models.

The function is ideal, for example, if you want to create furry surfaces on 3D printed animal models.

This is how the fuzzy skin settings work

As already mentioned, the fuzzy skin function creates a rough, uneven surface structure on the outer walls of the model. This look is created when the slicer tells the printer to move the nozzle back and forth while printing the outer walls. The wobbling, almost trembling movement of the nozzle is a fully controlled function of your 3D printer.

Despite the increased movement, the print time does not increase significantly. Depending on your device's stepper motor drivers, there may just be more noise.

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