bq Zowi

Discover how technology works with Zowi

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • App control
  • Preloaded modes
  • Programmable with Bitbloq
  • Ultrasonic sensors

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Product information & technical details


Zowi allows children to discover how technology works in a fun way.

You can operate Zowi by using the app and play with him. The robot is easily dismantled and reassemble.
As such, you have free access to his circuits or teach him new skills.

Therefore Zowi adapts to the respective pace of the children!

Once a project is completed, new features are released on Zowi.

With Zowi technology is not only accessible but also taught in an entertaining and understandable manner.

In combination with a 3D printer, one is able to create and print new case design for Zowi.

  1. Switch on your Zowi!
  2. The three buttons on the back correspond to the three preloaded modes.
    A: Zowi dancing!

    B: He walks and avoid obstacles.

    A + B: Zowi respond to noise and when tapped on the head.
  3. Download the Zowi app!
  4. Get started!

More information

Getting started and further information about Zowi can be found here!

Zowi comes with stickers to make him your own.

Recommended age: 8 years

Product videos:

  • Get to know Zowi

  • The Zowi Dance

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Did you know?

3D printing technology has been used in feature films such as Iron Man, Jurassic Park, Avatar and Hobbit.