Extrudr PLA Black - Sample 50g

Filament samples for testing

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • 50g sample
  • Ideal for testing
  • Quality filaments

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Product information & technical details

Manufacturers: Extrudr
Diameter: 2,85 mm
Product types: Filament Samples
Filament colour: Black
RAL colour: RAL 9005
Net weight: 50 g



Extrudr is constantly developing new innovative materials and colours to expand the field of application for 3D printing technology.


Strict manufacturing tolerances and extensive printing testing with each new batch filament.

MF (medium flow)

Extrudr's PLA resins all have a low viscosity. As a result, the liquid filament flows twice as easier than standard PLA.
The printing speed is up to 120 mm / s.


During production, the raw material is pressed through a narrow metal grid with over 100bar. As a result, a particle-free PLA filament can be produced.

More information

A heating board is not required for the Extrudr PLA.

The filament sample is packed in a sealed film, that protects the filament.

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Did you know?

The concept of the 3D printer came about from an American inventor and engineer, Chuck Hull, during the s80s. He also founded the company called 3D Systems.