Spectrum SILK PLA Indigo Blue

Unique material with extremely aesthetic properties


This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • Silky structure
  • Unique look
  • Easy to print
  • High strength

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Product information & technical details

Diameter: 1,75 mm
Product types: PLA Filaments
Filament colour: Blue
Net weight: 1000 g
Recommended processing temperature: 185-215 ° C
Recommended heating temperature: 0 - 45 °C
Diameter related tolerance : ± 0,05 mm


Spectrum PLA SILK is a PLA-based filament that gives printed objects a silk texture effect. It is another material with unique aesthetic properties. The silky texture of the 3D prints significantly reduces the visibility of layers on the side surfaces!

By using a specially developed pigment, it is possible to maintain the classic properties of PLA, such as simple and efficient printing, and to achieve a very low shrinkage rate and high strength. Thus, the material is intended for those who want both simple printing and very high aesthetic results.

Advantages of PLA Silk:

  • Reduced visibility of layers on the side surfaces
  • Silky shine on the entire surface
  • Easy separation of the object from the bed
  • High strength
  • Low melting temperature
  • No shrinkage after cooling


The filament is wound onto a clean, transparent spool. Each spool contains information about media type, diameter, and recommended printing temperature. The filament is vacuum packed with a desiccant. An instruction manual is in the packaging.

Did you know?

3D printing technology has been used in feature films such as Iron Man, Jurassic Park, Avatar and Hobbit.