3DJAKE RAPS128 Stepper Motor Driver

The versatile stepper driver

This item is no longer being offered by the manufacturer
  • Can also be used on other electronics
  • 10-25 V motor voltage
  • 0 to 2.2 A peak engine power

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Product information & technical details

Manufacturers: 3DJAKE


RAPS128 is the abbreviation for "Raad Power Stepper Driver with 1/128 microstepping".

The size corresponds to the popular Pololu drivers and the pinout is compatible but not identical.

The driver can also be used for RAMPS, Rumba and other RepRap electronics, whereby 8-bit electronics are usually too slow for 1/64 and 1/128 microstepping.


  • Driver IC: THB6128 for precise and silent motor operation
  • Motor voltage 10-25 V
  • Motor peak current from 0 to 2.2 A (adjustable via a potentiometer)
  • Digital inputs compatible with 3.3 and 5 V microcontrollers

Decay method (voltage reduction on the motor coils) adjustable via the potentiometer sleep and boost mode (previously not supported by RepRap electronics)

Logic voltage is generated from the motor voltage (no other connection is required) Short Circuit Shutdown Enable = HIGH (at Pololu drivers LOW, invert in firmware!)

More information

More information can be found here: http://www.dr-henschke.de/RAPS128.html

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